Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.5.2 is released

Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.5.2 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript 5.5.2. This is a bug fix release with important fixes for Bootstrap 4. The documentation is updated according to the new release. Below is the list of additions and bug fixes.

Additions and Updates

  • Add second parameter to setGridHeight, so that we set the entry grid height.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix getDataIDs to not return “norecs” row
  • Fix “norecs” row in case when add row with addRowData.
  • Fix addRowData when add elements at certain positions in data array and fix reindexing of elements.
  • Fine tune sort icons in bootstrap4
  • Fix multiselect plugin to work with jQuery 3.5.x
  • Fix pixel which causes scroll in Chrome in setGridWidth method when boostrap4
  • Fixes for multibox header for jquery-ui css
  • Fisxes for multisorting and sorting icons in Boostrap4
  • resizeGrid now resizes to the parent/window height
  • CSS Fixes for searchoperators in toolbar search
  • Fix for the headerrow column in Bootstrap4
  • Fixes for header row
  • Fix find correct search operator in case there is a custom search element.
  • Fixes for Frozen columns, stripped tables, group headers row hovering and row selecting in Bootstrap4
  • Fixes for calling isGrouHeaderOn in filtering and exporting
  • Fix icon position in navigator Bootstrap4 for fontAwesome
  • Fix groupingHeaders when they are removed. Fix setGridWidth to remove/set frozen columns when it is executed. Fix position of data div of the frozen columns. Fix hovering in bootstrap
  • Fix jquery UI css adding overflow hidden in navigator buttons with texts
  • Fix remove centering of label cells when grouping. Add overflow hidden to long texts in navigator buttons
  • Fix dirty-cell not being set and console error when saving using latest jQuery #972
  • Fixes for boostrap4 modal-content class
  • Fixed error “hasOwnProperty is not a function when saving data using jQuery 3.5.1
  • Fix dirty-cell not being set on cells changed inline
  • Fixing destroy group header function
  • Fix Bootstrap4 warning dialog display property
  • Fix grouping headers with frozen columns rebuilding.
  • Bootstarp4 css fixes for group headers and frozen columns
  • Fix hovering and highlighted selected row in Bootstrap 4 css
  • Fix losing focus when setGroupHeaders is call.
  • Fix sort icons in fontawesome and octicons css definition

Enjoy the new version.

Kind Regards
Guriddo Team

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