Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.8.4 is released

Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.8.4 is released

June 24, 2023

We are happy to inform you that new version 5.8.4 of Guriddo jqGrid JS is released. This is bug fix release with many fixes. It also add support for indexeddb in case of working with big data on local computer. Below the full list of the additions and changes.

Additions and Updates

  • Add indexeddb driver. Work with indexeddb table – searching, sorting, paging, update, delete insert record
  • Support objects on $.jgrid.template
  • Added new option in export to pdf: centerTableOnPage – to center the table on the page.
  • Add method groupingResetCalcs to reset calculations in case of switching from one datatype to another. The method should be used before calling the triggering with the new datatype, See here:
  • Create two methods for updating in background the Edit and View form. Parameter pass to these methods is the id. See

Bug Fixes

  • Fix selection and deselection in Frozen rows. Multiselect for now is not supported
  • Fix calculation of position of frozen rows and resizing when responsive is on
  • Fix empty on icon sort
  • Fix frozen div to scroll with mouse wheel.
  • Fix formatting summary values to be available everywhere. See
  • Fix for titlebar close button in case font-size is going bigger
  • resizeColumn should not resize hidden fields.
  • Fix frozen columns height when white-space is set to pre-line or normal in table cell
  • Fix change the page after push Enter key into pager input
  • Change the page after push Enter key into pager input
  • Add a significant text to indicate that the span is empty or has no value
  • Fix Empty table header
  • Add title to row selection checkbox
  • Remove the grid role in ‘ui-jqgrid-view’ div and add it in inner grid tables
  • thead should have the rowgroup role
  • Fix options without value accessibility issue
  • Add title to checkbox to indicate if the checkbox is checked or unchecked
  • Use concrete listbox role instead of abstract select role
  • Add focus to the cross “x” to clean the column filter when we navigate the table with keyboard and add the click event that cleans the column filter value
  • Add title to the column filter cells
  • Add hidden span text to indicate div is empty
  • Fix losing focus when autoresizing is on, with foren columns on, and search toolbar on, which frozen column is active search (the last one to close the door)
  • Fix caption position when jQuery UI and menubar is true
  • Support data.footer as array in export to excel if the data is customized.
  • Fix focusing when paging and editing in ariagrid and excelLikeGrid
  • Fix formatter actions edit del icons to be restored when beforeEdit return false.
  • Small fixes for bootstrap 5 css
  • Fix page 1 of 0 when no records on local data
  • All events in the export now are called so that this within the event refer to grid and its properties
  • FilterInput shouod return default object in case there is no value – this prevent filters froperty to be a full when no data is searched.
  • Fix pivot in case yDimension value can not be get
  • Fix toppager to show the total number of pages
  • Do not prevent default when simulate click from other program
  • Reload parent node when perform deleting in tree
  • Make grouping calculations equal to dattype jsonstring and local – loop througth all the data.
  • Fix wrong calculation of average value
  • Fix exports in case average value is 0
  • Fix data grouping to support frozen columns
  • Fix all export modules when data grouping

Enjoy the new version
Happy coding
Guriddo jqGrid Team

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