We represent here our current view of our product development cycle and future directions. This is for information purposes only, and should not be interpreted as a commitment on the part of TriRand.

Guriddo jqGrid JS and Guriddo Suito PHP (Q1-Q4 2023)

  • Support for PHP 8.x rewriting php code
  • Typescript definitions
  • IndexedDb wrapper
  • Support for other CSS frameworks – Foundation and Bulma

Guriddo jqGrid JS and Guriddo Suito PHP (Q1-Q4 2022)

  • Transposed grid – transform columns to rows
  • Frozen rows
  • Frozen Rows and Columns at a time
  • Better Bootstrap 5 support

Guriddo jqGrid JS and Guriddo Suito PHP (Q1-Q4 2020)

  • Unary search operators (empty not empty fields)
  • Working offline(edit data locally and save it later at server)
  • Implementing max/min height for entire grid

Guriddo jqGrid JS and Guriddo Suito PHP (Q1-Q2 2019)

  • Accessibility compliant improvements (Section 508 Compliant)
  • Multi select column position at right
  • Autosizing columns (width) on data loading
  • Autosizing columns (width) on click resize mark
  • Responsive pager buttons
  • Support export to HTML in Suito PHP
  • Loading indicators in export modules plus custom formatting strings in local excel export
  • Auto-filter based on grid data in tool bar filter
  • Header frozen row like footer row and methods to add data on it

Guriddo jqGrid JS and Guriddo Suito PHP (Q3-Q4 2017)

  • Python wrapper (Flask and Django)
  • Bootstrap 4 support
  • HTML5 full support in form editing
  • TreeGrid paging
  • Frozen column support for virtual scroll
  • Custom column menu
  • Custom action grid menu header title

Guriddo jqGrid JS and Guriddo Suito PHP (Q3-Q4 2016)

  • Supoort of jQuery 3.x
  • Better PivotGrid with speed and other improvements.
  • Client side export to CSV, Excel (XLSX), PDF

Guriddo jqGrid JS (Q1 2015)

  • Support of Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD)
  • Better Virtual Scrolling with adding a scroll tool tip for easy current page view
  • Searching in TreeGrid
  • Save Grid State/ Restore Grid State and better support when user is back to the grid page and want to restore its grid(s) state(s)

Guriddo Suito PHP (Q1 2015)

  • Better export to excel – create a true excel file and more configuration options
  • Server side searching in TreeGrid PHP
  • Server Side validation in Guriddo Form and Guriddo jqGrid PHP
  • Add a possibility to have custom form in Guriddo Form PHP

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