Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript 5.3.0 is released

Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript 5.3.0 is released


We are glad to announce the new release of Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript version 5.3.0.
This version is a major release and add a support of Bootstrap 4, export to HTM with print options, Tree Grid paging, menu bar and much more.

For a full list of additions and fixes look below:

Additions and Updates

  • Add Support for Bootstrap 4. Demo
  • Add support for sortable columns and frozen columns to work in sync
  • Support validation in filterToolbar via searchrules
  • Adding parameter errorcheck to enable/disable the validation of the search inputs in the toolbar searching
  • Update Stronger check for number in case of strict mode prevent entering a octal values when local searching.
  • Adding jqGridInitGrid triggered event, which can replace initGrid event
  • Add exportToHtml method with ability to print. Demo
  • Extend excel export to recognize more numeric types. Support for ISO date only at the moment
  • Add 3 parameter returnobject in getCell method which set to true return the cell as jQuery object
  • Add menubar on caption layer. Added new option menubar which place a icon on left (or right) and the user can add actions. Added two new methods for this purpose menubarAdd and menubarDelete to add and delete items. Demo
  • Added new options in colModel – minResizeWidth, which defines minimal re-sizing width per column. When set this option have higher priority of minColWidth
  • Add possibility to define user defined buttons in editGridRow, delGridRow and viewGridRow forms. Demo
  • Add $.jgrid.buildButtons function in common module to return a string with a buttons defined in buttons array in the different modules.
  • Add support for html5 in form edit Demo
  • Add a treeGrid paging based on the code of Vyacheslav N. Boyko See here. For more information documentation information. Demo
  • Add buttons array in order allow to add custom buttons in the searchGrid form. The button item object contain the following properties – side, position, text, icon, click, id. To the click function is passed the search form, search parameters and click event. See here. Demo
  • Remove z-index from jqgrid-overlay class and add jqgrid-overlay-modal class to serve separate modals.
  • Add possibility to create the search dialog as first child of body setting the layer option to true.
  • Add event colMenuColumnDone as grid options which executes on reordering of the columns when colMenu columns options is on – the event is similar to in columnChooser.
  • Adding onEnter and onEscape events in editRow in order to get possibility for custom save cancel code – by example pop-up to ask for saving and etc. Demo
  • Enlarge mousedown area in jqModal in case some other components like datepicker are outside the modal dialog. Added two new parameters heightOffset and widthOffset.
  • In inline saveRow method the deletion of the saved row is moved after aftersavefunc so that this row can be available for comparing
  • In method gridDnD droppable now applied to table’s closest ui-jqgrid-bdiv for greater drop area Added “tolerance” setting to default drop_opts
  • Add parameter previous selected rowid in bindkeys onUpKey and onDownKey events
  • Add onUpKey and onDownKey check events in bindKeys method. Also to all events is added second parameter the event
  • Add custom column menu. This is done via the two new methods colMenuAdd to add a new column menu and colMenuDelete to delete it. More can be found in the methods list Demo
  • Add two additional parameters to summaryTpl in colModel for grouping – the name of the summary field and the value of the summary field – respectively the can be added as {2} and {3} in the template Demo
  • Added isExported and exporttype in the formatter options in colModel when export to pdf, csv or excel occur. This allow to conditionally format the value depending if it is exported. Demo
  • Update Spain translation
  • Return empty pivot grid when no data, rather than to expose a exception
  • Update Portuguese translation

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for saveState not to save the data when saveData is on and datatype is local.
  • Fix creating the ids of the grid with the build in generator randId in case local data and scroll is on (virtual scrolling)
  • Fix building the id row when a add operation in method editGridRow. The comparing of the empty row missed the idPreffix
  • Fix column menu in case the searchbox and cols menu are outside the view port
  • Fix setCell to get right row unformatted data. If the datatype is local no unformat function is needed
  • Fix setCell to find the right cell in case the cell contain another table data.
  • Fix correct dropping row in gridDnD when both grids have equal colModel’s and dropbyname parameter is false
  • Fix exportcol property in exportToCsv, exportToExcel, exportToPdf methods when hidden is false, but exportcol is true
  • Fix exportToCsv, exportToExcel, exportToPdf methods to export all the data when datatype is local
  • Fix for csv export summary data to skip not exported column. Fix export to excel to skip the same column
  • Fix typo “inine-block” in ui.jqgrid.css
  • Fix exportTo excel to interpret virtual values not as part of the data array
  • Fix remove not needed comma from jqGridFilter parameters
  • Fix grid width in bootstrap in different situations when shrinkToFit changes. Calculation of width methods is now synchronized. Fixed small issues when autowidth is on and responsive is on too
  • Fix add missed parameter in editCell – the event, which is used in onCellSelect
  • Fix previous navigator button in viewGridRow method to work correct. See
  • Fix for minColWidth
  • Fix Albanian translation to get the right two code See
  • Fix checkOnUpdate in Chrome [See] (
  • Fix when subgrid and grouping are on again with loadonce true thanks to preethi koochana
  • Fix jqFilter getParameter method.
  • Fix loadui grid parameter when set to block
  • Create separate modal overlay in viewMoodal and hide it in hideModal. Fix viewModal to get the overlay class depending on style.
  • Fix for viewModal parameters when called in searchGrid method. The id of entire grid box was wrong set
  • Fix height of the frozen div.
  • Fix inconsistent state if saveAfterSelect is true but method saveRow fails
  • Fix when styleUI is Bootstrap and altRows is on
  • Fix typo when calling onCellSelect grid event
  • Fix removing not needed href=’#/’ when build column menu
  • Fix bindKeys method to work when grid drag and drop method gridDnD method is activated
  • Fix exportToExcel when the number length is > 15 (know problem in Microsoft Excel)
  • Fix resting grouping values when clearGroupData is called
  • Fix determine the vertical scroll-bar dynamically and fix the issue when Bootstrap in Windows
  • Fix for showSummaryOnHide when grouping is enabled
  • Fix in JSON.parse in utility module to parse correct all cases when function is available.
  • Fix multisorting issues.
  • Fix bug with big select element in modal dialog
  • Fix celledit to support subgrid and any additional rows content added during editing
  • Fix width of column when exportToExcel and the data is number.

Enjoy the new version.
Trirand Team

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