Guriddo Suito PHP 5.2.1 is released

Guriddo Suito PHP 5.2.1 is released


We are glad to announce the availability of our Suito PHP 5.2.1 release. This version is a bug fix release, but contain very useful additions. Below is a list of the additions and changes:


Additions and Changes

  • In excel options added default format types as follow:
    “format_int”=>”#0”, “format_num”=>”#.00″,”format_text”=>”@”, “format_date”=>”YYYY-MM-DD”
    with this option the default types are formatted correct in excel.
    To overwrite the default excel formating the excel option can be set or to define a custom formatter
    in excel use excel_format property in formatoptions like in the code below:
    $grid->setColProperty(‘myfield’, array(“formatoptions”=>array(“excel_format”=>”#.0”)));
  • Add customwhere element in tableconfig array where is possible to add a additional condition in getLeafNodes where clause for adjacency model
  • Added new public variable summaryalias (default true) – summary data is calculated using alias.
    if we have $sql then adding the needed summary fields to $s as SUM(a) AS a… , then we do
    SELECT COUNT(*) AS COUNTR “.$s.” FROM ($sql) gridalias.


  • Fix bug with summary fields
  • Fix pass by reference error in PHP 7
  • Fix _buildSearch() function for Cannot use string offset as an array.
  • Fix when formatter (select) parameter is true in setSelect we update formatoptions instead of editoptions
  • Default values parameter (defvals) in setSelect now is available in all modes – formatter, editing and searching

Java Script

Addition and Updates

  • Add a showSaveCancelButtons() method in inline editiong to enable save and cancel buttons
  • Add saveData parameter in saveState method, which enables/disables saving the data. Default true.
  • Add restoreData option in loadState method which enables/disables restoring the saved data state. Default true.
  • Removed a grid option altclass. Added definition for striped table in the styleUI object. The striped table is now build (option altRows : true) only when add a class to the main table. This add a speed improvements when loading the data. Removed the not needed code in delRowData and addRowdata
  • Add onBeforeExport event in exportToExcel method
  • Add parameter forceresize to resizeColumn methods
  • Added triggred event jqGridBeforeProcessing which is equivalent of beforeProcessing
  • Add triggered events jqGridLoadError = loadError and jqGridLoadBeforeSend = loadBeforeSend
  • Add triggered event jqGridPaging = onPaging
  • Remove global object jqGridUtils and add all the functions in $.jgrid object removing a need to have two global jqGrid objects.
  • Exclude more attributes not needed to be add in input element in createEl function
  • Add triggered event jqGridErrorCell = errorCell in cell editing
  • Add new property in colModel exportcol which enables disables the export in the methods exportToPdf and ExportToExcel exportToCsv.
  • Add saveui and savetext parameters to the editRow method
  • Added missed triggered events in viewGridRow method see documentation
  • Adding missed triggred evenents in delGridRow see documentation
  • Added replaceStr event in exportToExcel parameters in order to control the formatting of the exported text.
  • Add onSubmitCell event in cell edit
  • Removing not used option delayOnLoad in subgrid
  • Adding the missing triggered events in treeGrid
  • Adding option multimail
  • Adding count parameter to summaryTpl -> {1}
  • Add option scrollMaxBuffer to prevent memory problems when using virtual scrolling in local mode using the mouse wheel

Bug Fixes

  • Fix: small fixes according to eslint
  • Fix: comparing with equal data types in getNodeParent
  • Selector fixes the addJSONData and addXMLData
  • Fix: Support autoencode grid option to prevent XSS in jqFilter
  • Fix restoreRow to restore all the data saved into the savedRow array and not only the editable. This fixes calling of depended formatter custom function. See here
  • Fix: Unreadable content in MS Excel when open the generated excel file generated with exportToExcel method`
  • Fix: saveAs function in exportToExcel to work correct in IE11 (Access denied error fix)
  • Fix: set search option to false when we reset the seasrch in column menu
  • Fix: fixes in normalizeData function to read correct the unique name.
  • Fix setFrozenColumns when box-sizing=border-box is used.
  • Fix: add beforeProcessing event to every datatype.
  • Small fix in beforeRequest event. The triggered event and option event should be one after other.
  • Fix according to the documentation if datatype is function beforeRequest does not fire
  • Fix: More strict check in setColProp for the type object
  • Fix jqgroup class to have same height as jqgrow class.
  • Fix calling custom_element in search modules with the right html element.
  • Fix delGridRow view modal dialogue in case first time beforeInitData return false.
  • Fix: remove the parameter searchurl in filterToolbar it is never used
  • Fix: get correct label from colNames instead of colModel.label in buildColMenu
  • Fix: When exporting we should use the colNames and not colModel.label
  • Fix remove bad set counter for service fields: row numbers and multiselect.
  • Fix frozen columns when zooming.
  • Fix calling triggered event jqGridAddEditAfterComplete in editGridRow.
  • Fix add missed parameter postdata in jqGridAddEditBeforeCheckValues
  • Fix setGroupHeader method in case it is called 2 or more times with colspan : true
  • Fix export to excel allowing quotes in the values.
  • Fix Bootstrap css dispearing icons
  • Fix: colmenu search options operands replaced with groupOps common to all search modules
  • Fix columnChooser – setting height causes selection list not to overflow correct.
  • Fix sortable columns to perform sort when the column is sorted to its original position
  • Fix reading data in case key colModel option is set and repeatitems in jsonReader is true.
  • Fix passing parameters in editRow
  • Fix stop function in sortablColumns method to be executed within delay
  • Fix deselectAfterSort to not highlight the remaining rows
  • Fix exportToExcel method to order properly the columns. The bug originally come for the reason that object properties are ordered and do not follow natural insert order
  • Fix exportToPdf to order correctly the columns in case some of them have a number as name
  • Fix exportToCsv to order correct column names in header when they are numbers.
  • Fix timeoffset in parseDate function.
  • Fix it is possible to search when select has a multiple property in dialogue search
  • Fix toggleToolbar method when frozenColumns are set
  • Fix filterInput to use ! correct

Kind Regards,
Guriddo Team

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