Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript 5.0 is released

Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript 5.0 is released

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce the new Guriddo jqGrid 5.0 release. This release is a cornerstone in our job. We plan great new features and improvements in the future like Node.js port, JavaScript exporting to PDF and much more.

In addition to adding native Bootstrap support to the grid, we’ve also added a lot of improvements to our pivot and tree grid features, improved support for the latest jQuery releases (2.1.x), intensive tests with jQuery 3.0 future release, provided better experience for mobile users adding a responsive option and fixed more than 20 bugs. Here are the highlights:

Native Boostrap Support

As of version 5.0 Guriddo jqGrid can be adapted easy with any CSS framework. We have develoed a Bootstrap port. To use the feature you will need only to include the appropriate CSS

file and tell jqGrid to use Bootstrap – with the option:

Except Column Chooser and re sizing the grid with a mouse we support all the jqGrid existing features.

You can enjoy the Guriddo jqGrid Bootstrap Demo

Independent CSS Styling

We have changed our code so that jqGrid can be developed with any CSS framework. This can be achieved with a setting of the styleUI object to use the appropriate classes. The full description will be added into the documentation.

Responsive Grid
We have added a responsive options which make the grid a really responsive.
With this options the grid is re sized automatically when the device is rotated and the windows width is changed. Another useful feature is auto calculating the the space of the navGrid buttons – if the space does not fith the grid width we create a drop dawn menu button where all actions are inserted.


We added new events and a method called reloadNode. With this method is possible to reload only certain node data and put it into the treeGrid instead of reloading the entrie treeGrid which in some situations consume a lot of time.

The code below reloaded only the added or edited node (Form editing module)

Fixed a lot of Bugs related to showing the labels and groupig.

Below is a full list of changes

Additions and changes

– Add native bootstrap support.
– Added styleUI object class definition this way it is possible to impelemet jqGrid in any CSS framework
– Added option responsive where the grid automatically make some calculations
– Change keydown with keyup in inline edit when analyzing the enter key (This is a fix for Boostrap typeahead plugin)
– Adding the Reload node method in treeGrid – …jqGrid(“reloadNode”, record);
– It is possible now to define all input types according to the html5
– Add focusField in form editing
– Changes in the css to fix and add new settings
– multisort option now support order of clicking.
– Support of mousewheel on frozen columns
– Add resizeColumn method + small fix in dragMove
– Adding events when expanding/collapsing rows/nodes in treeGrid. the events are as follow:
beforeExpandTreeGridRow(rowid, record, childern);
afterExpandTreeGridRow(rowid, record, childern);
beforeCollapseTreeGridRow(rowid, record, childern);
afterCollapseTreeGridRow(rowid, record, childern);
beforeExpandTreeGridNode( id, record )
afterExpandTreeGridNode( id, record )
– Add event data population in dropdown – the name is jqGridAddEditAfterSelectUrlComplete
– Upgrade to the latest multiselect jQuery UI plugin
– Small speed optimization in addXMLData and addJSONData in case gridview is false.
– Added onUnSelectRow which is called only in resetSelection
– Added this in the onPaging in order to get the new value of the element before processing
– Make sure loading message is always visible – thanks to: marek-saji – see:
– Added new parameter className in groupingHeader to make a custom individual style of every group
– Automatically detect language if the loaded language file is only one


– ts.firstElementChild.innerHTML causes more problems that advantages. So drop support of this instead of the speed.
– Fix a case when a multiselect with multikey is set and checkbox is clicked only. It shouild be not changed in case the multikey is not pressed
– Fix realoding a grid to certain page when a virtual scrolling is enabled.
– Fix ruleMenu in filter toolbar if the parent grid element has zindex
– Fix submit old input value after select field change in dialog filtering
– Fix in addRowdata when altRows and position == last
– Fix griResize in case of frozen columns
– Fix calculating the width in pager
– Fix for gridResize when caption is a vilable and button hide grid is clicked
– Fix the columnChosser – we must pass the width instead of tblwidth.
– Fix toppager count pager thanks to: windofny
– Fix multiselect addAll
– Fix rownumbers and check box columns to be set to frozen
– Fixing dependecy in bower.json
– Fix for frozen columns and multisort
– Small fix in multi sort when data type is local
– Remove moot version property from bower.json
– Fixes for focusField.
– Fix Ukraine language code file to be set as ISO 639-1
– Small fix in class definition
– Fix multiple select in case of add record in form edit.
– Fix position of the select template in search dialog
– Fix saving the group headers when we call it mopre than once
– Fix Display correct the labels in pivot

Kind Regards
TriRand Team


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