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  • How do you define major and minor release?

    Semantic versioning is a formal convention for specifying compatibility using a three-part version number: major version; minor version; and patch. The patch number is incremented for minor changes and bug fixes which do not change the software’s application programming interface (API). The minor version is incremented for releases which add new, but backward-compatible, API features, and the major version is incremented for API changes which are not backward-compatible. For example, software which relies on version 4.8.1 of an API is compatible with version 4.9.1, but not necessarily with 5.3.2.

    Semantic versioning three-part version number

  • We have 10 Developer. Can I buy 5 Standard licenses and 5 Subscription licenses?

    No. You must purchase 10 Subscription licenses, if you want support. This is because Subscription license include software maintenance and rights to all new versions of software released within the time frame of the Maintenance and Support term. As such, in order for all licensed users to have those rights, Subscription license must be purchased for the correct number of users.

  • Can I upgrade from Standard to Subscription license?

    If you have a Standard license, you can upgrade at any time to Subscription + Source Code + Priority Support for 50% of the license cost. Example – you have Guriddo Suito for PHP Standard license for $400. At one point, you wish to get the Subscription + Source Code + Priority support license which is $500 – you can do that at 50% of the original price, meaning $250.

    For details and upgrade payment links – please contact sales@guriddo.net

  • What do I get from purchasing Subscription license?

    1 year free delivery of all products and updates valid for your license and fast response time. Example: you have purchased Guriddo Suito for PHP Subscription – this means you will receive all new releases for all new products within Guriddo Suito for one year for free. For PHP licenses only the source code is include in the package. This is a pretty major feature – so we do recommend the subscription license.

  • I currently have a Guriddo jqGrid JS 4.7.x Standard license. Am I entitled to receive jqGrid JS 4.8.x??

    If you do not have Subscription license or your term has expired, you are not entitled to deploy v4.8 of Guriddo jqGrid JS. You must purchase Subscription license in order to obtain major and minor upgrades of the software. Users with Standard license of version 4.7.0 are eligible to get only patch updates – by example 4.7.1

  • What kind of support is included in the Standard License?

    When you purchase a Standard license you get one hour of free email support and all Minor Releases within the next 12 months. For additional fee you may get a Subscription license. Read more

  • The payment was transferred via bank, but we do not get the license

    It will take several business days till the payment reaches the bank of our payment provider – our system is automated – once it gets the payment you will get the licenses. POs typically take several business days to clear.

  • I can not purchase with Credit Card or PayPal. Can I pay with wite transfer?

    If you cannot purchase with PayPal or Credit Card, you can choose wire transfer as payment method in our webshop.

  • I am having troubles purchasing with my Credit Card.

    Your payment may have been rejected by your Card Issuer. Please contact your card issuer in order to resolve this.

  • What kind of credit cards do you accept?

    We accept Master Card, Visa, and American Express. You can also purchase with PayPal, which accepts any credit card.

  • If I am using the software on a commercial company’s intranet, does it require a License?

    Yes. The Developers License allows you to install and use the software on commercial company’s Intranet.

  • Is this a one time payment?

    There is no time limit – you can use the product for any period of time you need. There is no restriction on the number of internal/development/qa/testing/staging machines/servers you use while you are developing your solution. There are no royalties of any kind involved.

  • What is the difference between the Developer type licenses and an OEM license?

    The OEM license allows you to install your project result including a Guriddo Product on your client premises. However, if you are setting up websites and intra-nets as a contract job or hosting web applications for a client as Service you are allowed to do this under the Developer type licenses

  • What is the difference between a Standard license and the Subscription licenses?

    The Standard license has a limited support time and does not include a upgrade to a major and minor releases. The Subscription license have a quick answer from our technical team within 36 hours and you are eligible to upgrade to a major and minor releases within a year. For a PHP components the source code is included.

  • What is subscription?

    1 year free delivery of all products and updates valid for your license. Example: you have purchased Suito for PHP Subscription – this means you will receive all new releases for all new products within Suito for one year for free. This is a pretty major feature – we regularly update our products to match the latest jQuery release (e.g. from 2.0 to 2.1) and latest browsers (e.g. IE11), as well as steadily release new products and features – so we do recommend the subscription license.

  • When can I use the non-commercial license?

    You can use Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript   software for free under the non-commercial license when you are:

    >>> A student, university or a public school
    >>> Developing and testing applications

    Source editing is allowed.

    Governmental entities are not covered by the non-commercial license.


    Guriddo Suito PHP and all PHP related products are commercial.

  • If one of our developers leaves, do we have to purchase another developer license for the new one?

    No. The developer license applies to the seat, not the individual.

  • How do you define a developer?

    A developer is a person who is working directly or indirectly on a Guriddo software product. This includes frontend developers and designers as well as back end developers working on the grid data and business logic related to serving the grid. Developers working on completely different modules of your application are not included.

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