Guriddo Suito for PHP 4.7 is released

Guriddo Suito for PHP 4.7 is released

Dear all,

Happy New Year!
We wish all the best in the New Year!

We are happy to announce the availability of 4.7 version for the new Guriddo Suito for PHP (former jqSuite for PHP). We have changed a lot of thing inside TriRand and we hope that with this new beginning we will make our product one of the best in the market. The new 4.7 release has a numerous bug fixes and small improvements which include:


  • Add debug option in Guriddo Form
  • Fix problem when we have multiple keys in Gurrido Form
  • Code optimizations in jqGrid
  • Support of JSONP in autocomplete (to enable it use $autocomplete->JSONP=true)
  • Support for JSONP in jqGrid (to enable it use $grid->dataType = “jsonp”)
  • Fix paths in Gurriddo VisualForm
  • Fix bugs related to the last jQuery Gurriddo VisualForm
  • Removed default set of width in grid
  • Added autocomplete zIndex option – default ot 1000
  • Fix inserting in tree adjacency model

The list of improvements and fixes in JavaScript code are so long, so we think they can be read in our Wiki

Kind Regards
Tony Tomov

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