Guriddo Scheduler PHP

What IS Guriddo Scheduler?

Guriddo Scheduler for PHP is a event calendar component built on top of open and widely used standards such as jQuery, jQuery UI, ThemeRoller. It uses Fullcalender jQuery plugin as a client side solution.

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Guriddo Scheduler PHP is written in pure PHP. This means that the class can be integrated in any PHP framework including Zend, Cake PHP, Doctrine PHP or in any custom program.


The PHP component automatically handles data retrieval and all CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete). No need for custom code – you can have a fully functional calender with just a few lines of PHP


Up to the moment Guriddo Scheduler Supports the following Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server.



Browser support is an important part of our Scheduler. Guriddo Scheduler support all modern mobile and desktop browsers including the iPhone/iPad and Internet Explorer from version 8. Browser support reference is tested regularly with all major browsers.

Bellow is the list of the most common featutres (in general)

  • Multiple Resources View to display several calendars for different resources
  • Blazing speed – only the minimal data required is sent from server to client
  • Template View for simple and effective visualization of events assigned to different resources
  • Data export to iCal format
  • Printing to PDF format.
  • Drag and drop events
  • jQuery based client-side – familiar and powerful client-side API based on jQuery.
  • Easy search interface in order to find the needed information immediately
  • ThemeRoller support – theming is based on ThemeRoller. A set of 25 themes by professional designers is available, including great free theme authoring tool.

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