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Issue ID# 8 4.7.1 and 4.7.0 grid fails to render in MSIE 9
Status: Resolved Version: 4.8 Priority: 3
Assigned to: tony Submitted by: bkwdesign Attached file: jqGrid_4-7-1_MSIE9_Bug.png
Type: Bug Submitted:
2015-03-09 16:20:47 UTC
Last Update:
2015-03-12 07:08:32 UTC
Description: When I replaced my 4.5.5 grid with 4.7.1 I got this error immediately on line 1639

jquery.jqGrid.src.js - Line 1639:
ts.firstElementChild.innerHTML += rowData.join(''); // append to innerHTML of tbody which contains the first row (.jqgfirstrow)

It seems like the fix is already in the source code...

My Fix:
Swap out line 1639 (comment it out)
Swap in line 1638 (uncomment it)

Please note, maybe need to do some type of browser detection. The bug does not seem to occur in my Firefox browser. This is likely an issue only present in IE9

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