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Issue ID# 27 Jqgrid filter toolbar clear search sets wrong default value
Status: Testing Version: 5.2 Priority: 3
Assigned to: tony Submitted by: somnath_ghorpade Attached file: JqGrid.PNG
Type: Bug Submitted:
2019-04-15 08:24:31 UTC
Last Update:
2019-04-15 12:57:30 UTC
Description: We have JqGrid version 5.2.1. we have functionality to reorder columns and filter toolbar with default values.
whenever we drag and drop a column having default value to another column it works well but when we click on clear search button default value is vanished but it sets to another column default value

$(".clearsearchclass", tr).click(function () {
var ptr = $(this).parents("tr:first"),
coli = parseInt($("td.ui-search-oper", ptr).attr('colindex'), 10),
sval = $.extend({}, $t.p.colModel[coli].searchoptions || {}),
dval = sval.defaultValue ? sval.defaultValue : "",
In case of re order of columns the underlying HTML of header columns(th) not changed.i.e. colIndex of th td.ui-search-oper. In case of clear search text it gets wrong colindex of a column but $t.p.colModel[coli].searchoption is updated to new column structure. ColIndex remain sets to one value and due to this dval sets to another column default value
We need both column reorder and filter toolbar functionality and in case of clear search text the value should be vanished and not set to wrong column default value

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