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Issue ID# 22 Delay of column drag start so that user doesn't accidentally drag when attempting to click the heade
Status: Open Version: 5.2 Priority: 3
Assigned to: admin Submitted by: bencarnes Attached file:
Type: Submitted:
2017-03-02 00:00:00 UTC
Last Update:
2017-05-03 07:47:18 UTC
Description: If you move the mouse 1 pixel or more while attempting to sort a column on a grid where the columns can be reordered, nothing happens. You as the user might expect a column sort to happen because you can't perceive that the mouse cursor actually moved during the click (which is a drag/drop).

While the current behavior is very precise and reactive, it can confuse the user. If a mouse is sensitive and the cursor is configured with high velocity, it is hard to click the column header without accidentally dragging, which is an annoyance. As far as I can tell, this has actually confused one of our testers and I fear it could make a bad impression on our customers.

I would like jqgrid to have a delay (maybe 100 ms) from the mouse down before it starts doing a drag action. This would completely eliminate the accidental drags. If not all jqgrid customers like this, you could make it configurable.

Given that jqgrid uses the jqeury sortable control to implement column reordering, you could simply set the delay option for the sortable control. We are going to do that with our copy of the jqgrid source, but it would be really cool if that were added to the jqgrid official product.


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