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Issue ID# 21 The fix for Issue #20 does not work in Firefox
Status: Resolved Version: 4.8 Priority: 3
Assigned to: Submitted by: bencarnes Attached file:
Type: Bug Submitted:
2017-03-02 20:24:32 UTC
Last Update:
2017-03-06 10:37:25 UTC
Description: See

When I tried the change made to fix issue 20, it did not work correctly in Firefox.

Steps to reproduce:
1) In Firefox, open a jqgrid with re-orderable and sortable columns.
2) Drag and drop a column to reorder the columns.
EXPECTED: The columns get reordered successfully.
ACTUAL: The columns get reordered but also a sort happens on the dropped column.

Tech analysis: In my copy of the code, the following change seems to fix the problem:

function stop() { setTimeout(function () { ts.p.disableClick = false; }, 50); }

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